Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ji Song Rong... Yun Zhi...Hui...huh?

Charlie started a new supplement... a well-advertised, well-known, and on the expensive side super supplement called 4Life Transfer Factor Plus.  In a nut shell, this one has stuff that the immune system naturally produces.  The literature on this one also mentions intelligent molecules that remove invaders, intuitive molecules that teach immune cells how to behave, and Natural Killer cells that defend the immune system...  must have been marketed to men.

I also promised to post more on the Magic Mushroom Mix... also known as Five Mushroom Formula or Wu Gu Fang for my Chinese readers.  This supplement has 5 mushrooms (duh) that contain high levels of beta glucans (known for their immune-enhancing properties).  This supplement also mentions those Natural Killers... supposedly helping the body to produce more of these guys.  Here's my favorite excerpt from the Magic Mushroom brochure:

"Dong Chong Xia Cao supports kidneys and jing, supplements yang, augments lung yin, transforms phlegm, stops bleeding, regulates glucose levels."


Charlie has been on one more very important supplement since the very beginning.  Photo below of probably his favorite supplement:

Thanks Costco from Charlie Blue :)

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