Monday, January 26, 2009

squawks and squeaks

Its been a little while since I've posted... mainly because not much has changed lately.  Charlie started on a new supplement- some kind of tincture derived from 5 magic mushrooms... I'll post more once I finish reading what it supposedly does.  

The Blue had a restful weekend.  He enjoyed his trots around the block and through the park near our house- even perked his ears up when we got near the dog park (we avoided the dog park- a little worried that Charlie would get pushed around there).

Nora continues to stick by her big brother- trying to sleep near him, sit on his head, nibble his ear, etc.  Charlie tolerates this to a point- once in awhile humoring her with bark/moan/growl and sticking his mouth over her whole head.  

While we notice some improvement in Charlie, its still so hard to see him in pain.  Especially when we see Nora growing bigger and bigger and Charlie appearing to shrink thinner and thinner before our very eyes.  We continue to stay positive, rejoicing in improvements and small successes (Charlie ate his dinner without spitting raw meat all over Austin last night!) and looking for hope and humor in even the hard times.   

This morning provided a moment of humor that I can't resist sharing.  Char had an ok night- but admittedly, I showed up at my parent's home office feeling a little sad.  My mental/emotional status changed dramatically soon after I saw this:

This is Gilly- my childhood cockatiel... without tail feathers.  Cockatiels make great pets for kids- they are hardy, friendly, affectionate... and they live forever.  Gilly has valiantly survived losing her cockatiel husband, extreme weather conditions, numerous escape attempts (she just sits on the outside of her outdoor cage- refusing to fly away), predator attacks (other birds, dogs, heavy-footed humans).  Today, my parents dog happened to be standing on her glorious tail (over 15 long feathers!) when she decided to run away... leaving the tail under Louie's foot.  So enjoy this awful sight- it did bring a smile to my morning!

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