Sunday, January 18, 2009

To eat or not to eat...

Well, Charlie had an interesting night.  First he was worn out enough to let Nora sleep next to him... which is just too cute of a photo-opp to miss:

Dinner time came- and Charlie refused to eat his delicious RAW food.  (Who could resist raw beef and raw eggs and healthy powder mixed together with pureed spinach?)

We had to force him to take his pills- since he wasn't going to unknowingly gobble them down with his dinner.  This upset the blue enough to make him 'hide out' in our office by himself for several hours.  We decided to let him be.  We checked on him before we headed to bed- and offered his food again.  He initially refused but when we 'hand-fed' Charlie, he happily ate it all up.  

A strange thing that Charlie has been doing since becoming sick is sleeping in weird places.  In the past, Charlie loved to sleep on his doggy-bed, close to our bed.  Not the case anymore.  We started leaving our door open so he could sleep where he was most comfy.  We've found him in the living room, on the couch, etc.  Last night he decided to sleep on the little couch in our office- perched on top of all the throw pillows.  This morning, this is what I found in the office:

Ok- so in case you can't tell- that's a throw pillow with the stuffing pulled out.  When Charlie was a puppy, he chewed a hole in this pillow.  I've never fixed it- but just pushed the stuffing back in and flip it over so no one sees!  For some reason, last night or early this morning, Charlie decided to remove some stuffing again.  Why all this analysis for something most would deem worthy of a 'bad dog?'  Well, Charlie has been reluctant to perform any of his 'recreational' activities as of late.  He sleeps, eats, limps about, and that's about it.  He hasn't chewed a toy, played with Nora, or gotten into his normal mischief in what seems like ages.  Was this morning's pillow destruction a brief moment of feeling like his old self?  I don't know... but that's what I like to think.

So Charlie happily ate breakfast and hung out while we were at church.  It was good to have a few hugs and hear lots of sympathetic words from friends while we were out- it really means a lot to know so many people care about the blue!  

Charlie's been lounging outside in the yard.  He took a snooze in the shade near my herb garden too:

Sorry he looks kind of sad in the photo... he usually looks kind of sad because...well... that's what he looks like! (google weimaraner if you don't believe me!)

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  1. Oh Charlie... Wish we were there to give you a good scratch. Chloe sends her love. :)